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Cooking with Cannabis with DJ Chef Fred

By and 7 months ago

Infused Summer BBQ Extravaganza June is here and it is already hot! I love BBQ; I really love infused BBQ so I purchased a competition BBQ on a trailer for all the events coming up this summer. I am a judge for the Northern California High Times Cup in Sonoma June 3rd and 4th. I […]

The One and Only DoobieDuck

By 7 months ago

This month we had the chance to interview medical marijuna patient, grower and photographer DoobieDuck. TAHOE CANNABIS MAGAZINE: How long have you been photographing cannabis? DOOBIEDUCK: I have been serious about cannabis photography since the early 70’s when starting my first grows. At that time I joined cannabis web forums like and which I […]

Ask Your Lab: What Does a Pass & Non-Detect Really Mean?

By 7 months ago

Congratulations, your lab report just came back with a pass for pesticides. Time to celebrate, right? Well hold on just one minute; what does a pass really mean? In states with regulatory requirements for certain types of analytes, such as pesticides, a pass means that the value of the analyte was found by the testing […]

Behind the Scenes: Bryce Hall

By 7 months ago

BRYCE HALL Facilities Manager and Lead Grower at MMG AGRICULTURE This month, our Behind the Scenes team interviewed Bryce Hall from MMG Agriculture. As the Facilities Manager and Lead Grower, Bryce knows first hand the difficulties that cultivation workers encounter on a daily basis. Where are you from? I was born in northern California, but […]

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