Interview with the Legendary Cheech Marin

By 1 year ago

Richard Marin, more commonly known as Cheech Marin, originally rose to fame as part of the stoner duo Cheech and Chong. Nowadays, Cheech is a writer, an avid art collector, and businessman. He recently released his cannabis brand Cheech’s Private Stash here in Nevada and we had the chance to chat with him about this […]

Behind the Scenes: Brian Seaton

By 1 year ago

Brian Seaton: Store Manager at The Dispensary “The perception that consuming cannabis is bad really needs to change. Forbidding us to consume in public only allows the stereotype of cannabis as a harmful drug to continue.” Are you originally from Northern Nevada? I was born and raised in Sparks, Nevada, Reno will always be home […]

Cultivation Spotlight: MMG Agriculture

By 1 year ago

Cultivating cannabis has typically been a male-dominated endeavor. The women of MMG Agriculture, here in Northern Nevada are quickly and impressively changing this. We recently spoke to both Sarah Rosenfeld, the Owner and CEO and Jessica Preston, MMG’s Sales Manager to find out what motivated them to enter the cannabis industry and what they have […]

Afroman and High Sierra Holistics Launches Palmdale Purple

By 1 year ago

Today, we were in Las Vegas and stopped in at Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary to unload a few dozen Pink Box donuts to Rob Ruckus and the hard working budtenders that selflessly serve the valley. While visiting with staff and customers, eating donuts and comparing strains, Afroman called from Salt Lake City, Utah. Do we […]

Glassblower Beau Lambie

By 2 years ago

This month, we spotlight local glass artist Beau Lambie, creator of the Cali Vetro line to find out how he became a glassblower, what type of glass he specializes in and the artists that inspire him. How long have you been a glassblower and, how did you get into it? I’ve been blowing glass for 15 years. My glassblowing career began when […]