Cultivating cannabis has typically been a male-dominated endeavor. The women of MMG Agriculture, here in Northern Nevada are quickly and impressively changing this. We recently spoke to both Sarah Rosenfeld, the Owner and CEO and Jessica Preston, MMG’s Sales Manager to find out what motivated them to enter the cannabis industry and what they have […]

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Cultivating cannabis has typically been a male-dominated endeavor. The women of MMG Agriculture, here in Northern Nevada are quickly and impressively changing this. We recently spoke to both Sarah Rosenfeld, the Owner and CEO and Jessica Preston, MMG’s Sales Manager to find out what motivated them to enter the cannabis industry and what they have in store for the future.

TAHOE CANNABIS: Give us a little bit of background on each of you prior to entering the cannabis industry.

SARAH- I have a BS in Business Accounting. I have worked in both accounting and in sales for a family manufacturing business that is based in Los Angeles.

JESSICA: I actually just graduated from UNR this summer with a BSW in Social Work. Before I had the opportunity to work in this dream industry, I planned to practice social work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I worked in the mental health industry for seven years prior.

TAHOE CANNABIS: What was your motivation for starting MMG?

SARAH – Having been peripherally involved in the marijuana industry in California for many years, and witnessing the wide variety of problems that arise in an unregulated business environment, I jumped at the opportunity to work in a regulated marijuana market. Originally, my passion for helping patients gain access to safe, regulated medicine drove me to begin MMG, our goal being to provide only the cleanest, highest quality medicine to our customers.

TAHOE CANNABIS: Tell us about your team.

JESSICA: Our diverse team consists of individuals aged 21-65, with a variety of cultural and professional backgrounds allowing for a broad and unique collection of skills that contribute to our business culture. Our business structure consists of three main sectors: Sales and Administration, Cultivation Crew, and Trimming and Packaging Crew.

TAHOE CANNABIS: Are you both originally from Northern Nevada?

SARAH: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. I have also lived for extensive periods in Santa Cruz, CA and Israel.

JESSICA: I am originally from the Bay Area, a place called Pleasanton, CA. I came to Reno when I was 16, so about 13 years ago.

TAHOE CANNABIS: As women, do you feel that the Nevada cannabis industry is male dominated? And, if
so, what do you think we can do to change that?

SARAH: As with most industries, I have found that upper management is male dominated. As a result of this trend, I have become personally friendly with some of the few women that have made it to management positions. In my experience, these women have had to work twice as hard to prove they can handle these positions and have developed skills far above their pay grade. As one of few female owners and CEOs of a marijuana business in Nevada, I strive to both discuss this issue on a larger scale, and I of course always afford equal opportunity to both female and male job applicants, and current employees upon consideration for promotions.

JESSICA: Absolutely! I personally work with very few female purchasers and the same with management. It always seems like whenever we have a meeting with another MME, 98% of attendees are male. I remember before I joined MMG Agriculture’s team, pretty much every single budtender in the Northern Nevada area, was a male. I was actually the first female budtender in Northern Nevada when I started working in the industry for the 3rd dispensary in the area to open. To change that, I believe women should keep the intensity that drives their dreams. When you have the drive to succeed, your sex shouldn’t stand in the way of potential. That drive will help break that “glass ceiling”.

TAHOE CANNABIS: Do you also have a production license?

JESSICA: We sure do! And you will see our products coming soon from that production!

TAHOE CANNABIS: What are your top products?

JESSICA: Hands down, any OG that comes from this facility. Also, for the recreational market, our variety packs, which consists of 3 different strains, two .5g Pre Rolls of each strain in a box, totaling 3g per pack.

TAHOE CANNABIS: Do you have any products specifically geared towards women?

JESSICA: We came out with Zebra Joints that were tailored to women’s menstruation pains. The Zebra Joint is a joint that consists of layered bud on top of kief, 3 layers to be exact. The Zebra Joint we did was an ACDC (flower) and Dutch Treat (kief). ACDC is a very high CBD flower with a 15:1 ratio and the Dutch Treat Kief is a Sativa dominant strain, with an extremely unique flavor and taste.

TAHOE CANNABIS: What do you like best about the industry?

SARAH: I enjoy the daily challenges that I face in this brand new industry. Although it can be a struggle to learn to function within regulatory parameters that constantly change, the opportunities it affords for positive interaction with multiple agencies and individuals, and the comradery that has developed amongst marijuana business owners and government employees, is unparalleled. The individuals in this industry: business owners, business employees, and government employees, have proven time and again that they care about consumer health, business success, and the overall influence that marijuana has on the general public and state financial health.

JESSICA: That it is an actual reality! I really didn’t imagine seeing this much progress in my lifetime. I am honored to be a part of breaking the stigma that comes along with the cannabis industry and being a part of one of the best marijuana programs that has been created to date.

TAHOE CANNABIS: How do you feel that we can we improve the industry?

SARAH: As with any industry, as a woman, I have had to work harder than my male counterparts to prove myself to my peers, however, that is something I have come expect. Additionally, one of the most frustrating aspects of this industry lies within the challenges we face with the federal government. This industry will flourish and afford even more opportunities when we can streamline certain aspects of finances and taxation.

JESSICA: I would like to see more women in higher levels positions in this industry. Women have a different way of doing things than men, and this industry is different and new, maybe putting more females in higher level positions will help this industry flourish even more. Also, I would love to see marijuana re-scheduled by the DEA.

TAHOE CANNABIS: What sets MMG apart from other cultivations?

JESSICA: At MMG, we focus on cultivating unique genetics with broad terpene profiles. Our boutique cultivation techniques ensure that we produce only the finest quality. We maximize terpene production both in cultivation technique, drying technique, and by hand trimming every single bud that comes out of our facility. No trim machines here!

MMG Agriculture products can be found at The Dispensary in Reno, Henderson, and Las Vegas, Blum Reno, Silver State Trading, Kanna Reno, Rise Carson City, CannaCopia Las Vegas, Las Vegas Relief and Inyo Fine Cannabis.

For more information visit them online at


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