An Infused Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By 2 years ago

His name was John Chapman, born 1774, in Leominster Massachusetts, a tall, lanky and eccentric gentleman. He never married, instead believing he would be rewarded for his abstinence once he reached the Pearly Gates. Often clothed in tattered trousers or, on occasion long robes, Mr. Chapman was a great lover of animals and is reported […]

Cooking with Cannabis with DJ Chef Fred

By 2 years ago

Infused Summer BBQ Extravaganza June is here and it is already hot! I love BBQ; I really love infused BBQ so I purchased a competition BBQ on a trailer for all the events coming up this summer. I am a judge for the Northern California High Times Cup in Sonoma June 3rd and 4th. I […]

Cooking with Cannabis: Tuna Tartare

By 2 years ago

The science of infused medical cannabis edibles has evolved since I began cooking with cannabis in 1984. I was in 8th grade, living in South San Francisco. My parents had a bootleg version of the Cheech and Chong movie of “Up in Smoke.”

Cooking with Cannabis: 420 is Here!

By 2 years ago

Seedlings are growing in the greenhouse, the farm is starting to look like a farm and the sun is out longer and getting hotter. Everyone has big dreams this time of year about the big crop. I will be launching my new strain this year and the seedlings look amazing. High in THC and CBD. Chef loves this plant for healing! Great full spectrum extract.

Chef Fred’s Beef Pho

By 3 years ago

What’s good Pho you!Cannabis Infused Beef Pho Brrrrrrr. It’s cold, and everyone’s getting sick and passing along the flu by sharing rigs, joints and bongs. I am just getting over this flu. There is only one food that jump starts health for me with fresh broth, herbs, THC, CBD and sweet spices. I think that […]