Tokin’ With the Infamous: Pato Banton

By 1 year ago

Between 4/20 and Earth Day, it was a beautiful, busy spring weekend. That’s why it was so dope that reggae superstar Pato Banton took time between gigs to perform at a small celebration to mark four years of one of his fans being seizure free thanks to cannabis. After an intimate set and spending time with friends and family, Pato and I stepped away for a quick conversation that I am stoked to share with Vegas Cannabis readers. Just so you all know, Pato really is the kind soul you hear about.

Tokin’ With the Infamous: Interview with Stoner Rob

By 2 years ago

Comedian Stoner Rob is a staple on the cannabis event circuit, hosting multiple events and cups annually. I’ve been running into him for years now at various events, and recently we finally both got the time to do an interview about his comedy, his new album, and his favorite strains. It was a pleasure to […]