Chocolates and Gummies and Drinks …oh my!

By 3 months ago

The world of cannabis-infused food products has grown into a massive market for canna consumers. Where the “special” homemade brownies of yesteryear used to be the gold standard for THC-laced goodies, nowadays, there are literally hundreds of cannabis-infused edibles to choose from. There are also many ways to prepare infused butters, oils and fats at […]

Daily Dose: A Day in the Life of Cannasexual Founder, Ashley Manta

By 5 months ago

California Sex Educator, Ashley Manta, began her career as a rape crisis counselor, victim advocate, and violence prevention educator just after graduating college in 2008. After years of listening to and absorbing trauma from victims, by 2011, she felt burned out with direct service and sought to find the joy of her own sexuality. “After […]

Terpene Spotlight: Humulene

By 7 months ago

Article By: Jennifer Walker Autumn is a time of reflection.  Nostalgia for years gone by, time passing, life evolving.  With this seasonal shift comes cooler weather and the promise of holiday memories both old and new- Halloween and festive blessings, abound.  Cooler weather also descends upon us in this sun-drenched desert, and with cooler temps […]

What is CBN? This Overlooked Cannabinoid Has Helpful Benefits, Too

By 9 months ago

Those who are savvy about their cannabis know that CBN is a chemical compound often found in old and aging flowers. Yet, there’s no need to be ageist when it comes to the cannabis plant. As it so happens, many of the natural chemical changes that happen to the plant as it ages may prove […]