Chocolates and Gummies and Drinks …oh my!

By 2 months ago

The world of cannabis-infused food products has grown into a massive market for canna consumers. Where the “special” homemade brownies of yesteryear used to be the gold standard for THC-laced goodies, nowadays, there are literally hundreds of cannabis-infused edibles to choose from. There are also many ways to prepare infused butters, oils and fats at […]

Coalition for Patient Rights

By 6 months ago

It is time once again for us to make some noise in the Nevada Legislature on behalf of the medical marijuana patients of Nevada. The Nevada 80th (2019) Legislative Session has started and a patient rights group called the Coalition for Patient Rights (CPR) is on the move to assure the rights of Nevada Medical […]

Patients First at Cohen Medical

By 6 months ago

The team at Cohen Medical has always made patients their priority.  This month we had the chance to sit down with Robert Cohen and his staff to find out how their focus has changed now that Nevada is a recreational state. Cohen Medical Centers is originally based out of Colorado, what brought you to Nevada? […]

How to Be a Successful Marijuana User

By 2 years ago

TALES FROM THE CRIP … I’ve used marijuana, both medically and recreationally, for most of my adult life. I’m not wild about Mr. Booze, as twenty years of tending bar taught me that nice people will do stupid shit when they are drunk. Cocaine is expensive (though it does smell good), and any drug named […]