Cooking with Cannabis: Up Close and Personal with Local Canna Chefs

By 2 months ago

Chef Deborah L. Costella Chef Deborah Costella became a cannabis chef following the death of her youngest brother, Lawrence. It was during those last months of assisting him and providing care that he turned to smoking cannabis. Every night, Lawrence would roll his wheelchair to the living room window, overlooking downtown Palo Alto to smoke […]

Cannabis Infused Specialties: A Look at Nevada’s Top Edible Companies

By 2 months ago

CANNAMERICA Product(s): All of CannAmericas’ Fruit Juice Gummies are 10mgs of THC each in a variety of sour, sour & sweet and sweet flavors. Available flavors include cherry, blue raspberry, peach, strawberry-banana, orange sherbet, and freedom pop. CannAmerica has partnered with FlowerOne to create top-shelf quality products. Their gummies are processed via clear oil distillate […]

Chocolates and Gummies and Drinks …oh my!

By 2 months ago

The world of cannabis-infused food products has grown into a massive market for canna consumers. Where the “special” homemade brownies of yesteryear used to be the gold standard for THC-laced goodies, nowadays, there are literally hundreds of cannabis-infused edibles to choose from. There are also many ways to prepare infused butters, oils and fats at […]

Evergreen Organix – Setting the Standard for Edibles in Nevada and Beyond

By 2 months ago

Originally licensed in 2015 as one of the first edible companies in Nevada, Evergreen Organix’s original product line debuted with only five edibles. Today however, Evergreen features over 70 different product varieties. While they have long been known for their line of baked goods including chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate brownies, Evergreen Organix will […]

Getting Mystical with Mistyland

By 6 months ago

Article By: Kristin McDaniel Misty is an award-winning edibles chef and homegrown Nevada native who creates desserts inspired by love. For the past three years Misty has run Mistyland Baked Goods- her own company that provides infused-products consulting and caters cannabis industry events including the monthly meeting of the Las Vegas Chapter of “Women Grow”. […]